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ONDAMED Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation with Energy Wellness

Locate hidden physiological & emotional causes of dysfunctional cells and energy frequencies and simultaneously receive the needed specific stimulus to achieve and enhance your well-being.  The body is a source of various forms of energy many of which can have measurable properties and manifest themselves in different ways, like magnetic fields and electricity: the explains the use of the electrocardiogram, electromyography, electroencephalogram, MRI, and other devices.

Research in cellular energy began many years ago, but the turning point was in 1993, when Rolf Binder, a German engineer, created a very precise way to discover and improve the state of a human being’s wellness condition determining the energy status of each organ or body system: the ONDAMED Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation Frequency Modulator.


With this method, the wellness care professional or the assessed person does not have to be consciously involved: the sub-conscious and embedded cellular memory levels are directly connected to the ONDAMED Frequency Modulator. This physiological and emotional assessment and biofeedback stimulation CANNOT be controlled or manipulated either by the practitioner or the assessed person because it relies on the body’s pulse feedback response to a range of 0.1 Hz to 32,000 Hz frequencies of dynamic magnetic stimulation. 

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Our Services

How does it Work?

We apply throughout all your body a low-frequency, low-powered Energy Therapy with the ONDAMED system through a transducer hung around the neck which emits up to 32,000 different frequencies, while another hand-held transducer scans the body to locate and identify damaged and weak and out-of-synched cell frequencies.  


While we assess your overall wellness condition, ONDAMED will simultaneously apply the specifically focused frequencies most needed by the body.  The therapeutic effect is to synchronize and balance the cells and tissue in need of stimulation oscillated by specific resonant frequencies selected from a wide range of 0.1 and 32,000 Hz (imperceptible to the human being) based on the principle of Energy.  Combined with your radial pulse and HRV biofeedback all together they provide a non-invasive break-through to improve cell function circulation and promote relaxation.


We then complement our primary modalities of the ONDAMED Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation system with the CellWell Dynamic Energy (DET) Wellness System and other programs offering proper diet, sufficient sleep habits, exercise, soft-tissue laser assessment, and therapy, that uses acupuncture-meridians, homeopathic remedies, and natural vitamins and supplements.  Our overall objective is to optimize your body and synchronize your frequencies and balance your cells so that the body can heal itself faster. 

The CellWell wellness system provides natural, drug-free, no side effects to unblock, align and balance your frequencies. Following the FDA Guidance of a wellness system we can improve your system with these benefits:

   A. Makes you feel better

   B. Promotes relaxation

   C. Natural therapy for Anti-stress

   D. Improves better sleep

   E. Increases mental acuity


The ONDAMED Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation system has been available in the USA since 2007 and assists the body in self-recovery of its energy status using different modules to:

1. Stimulate specific organs or systems.

2. Determining possible abnormal energy levels in specific areas of the body that may be due to a lack of internal factors or by external causes; at this moment, the system acts to re-establish normal energy levels.

In a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere, it takes nearly 90 minutes to complete the assessment and another 60 minutes for extended stimulation for a special price (contact us for the current price).


A report is given at the end of the session that may suggest further Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation sessions, or a long-term maintenance wellness plan, or a medical referral.

*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These opinions, products or systems mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  We recommend you consult with your personal physician for medical advice.  

Our Practicioners
Success Stories


In our Panama Wellness Center & Miami over the Years since 1999

-N. K., M.D. The quantum fields physics was an unknown dimension for me. So many years as a surgeon, I was dealing only with the reality of the way my senses understood.

It was an honor for me to meet you. You brought memories of my physics professor at the University of Athens, Greece who called me to congratulate me on my performance in physics in the year 1965. I felt like a student again, listening to you.  As a practicing physician for over 40 years, I never had the time or the chance to deviate from the “standard medical practice.

My recent experience with CellWell was an eye-opener, and I started studying to try to comprehend some basic quantum fields of physics. I don’t know if my 72-year old brain will be able to understand anything, but I will try studying to try to comprehend some basic Laws of Physics. I don’t know if my brain will be able to understand anything, but I will try.”

-Mr.Crawford R. “That machine is amazing. I played the best tennis I have ever played today.  I got recruited for a pro tennis team. Because of you sir.  Today was the best tennis I have ever played in my life.”

-Mr. John K. “ I have not had any sickness for the last 10 years since I bought the wellness machine, not even a cold.  I start my day with a 30” session and end the day with another session before sleep.  It’s the best investment I have ever made.”

-Mrs. Monica K. “I was upset with my husband when he told me he had spent so much money to buy a wellness machine. I responded that I could have had a new car with that money.  I refused to use the machine in protest. But then I realized my husband had reduced his stress level, he was sleeping better, one of my sons had a bone fracture of his arm, the other his leg and they had recovered much sooner than was projected.  I then started to use the machine to improve my quality of life after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  So happy that my husband knows best”.

-Ms. Pat A. “My husband was able to return to a better quality of life after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s after suffering for over 6 years. We were fortunate to accidentally discover BioMagnetic Wellness and he began therapy with pulsed magnetic fields and I was placed in therapy next to him for extreme stress for caring for him as an adult infant.  He arrived for therapy in a wheelchair and within three months was walking with a cane for assurance and seeing such dramatic results, we purchased the machine to sustain his new lifestyle and reduced medication.”

-Mr. Patrick L.” I found it to be a convenient and effective way to control my stress level and look forward to a break in the afternoon each day and usually fall asleep during the therapy.”


-Mr. Max K. “Upon completing only one session, I felt very relaxed and amazed that my mind was clearer and sharper.  My wife and I continued for 30 sessions and immediately decided to buy the PEMF system with the bed assembly.  I also purchased a portable coil applicator to be able to take the generator to my beach house and to the office for use personally and my company’s staff.”


-Dr. Luis M. “I suffered a ruptured disc and my “friends”, all medical colleagues told me there was no other solution than surgery.  I replied, I am the doctor and surgeon, and do not let anyone touch my column.”

CellWell ONDAMED Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation (A+S) synchronized together with CellWell Dynamic Energy Therapy (DET) Wellness System

“I have been in therapy using the DET system for many months and now in a maintenance plan M.K.  -  USA

“I am an electric person and very sensitive to magnetic fields energy.  The first time I received DET I had a wonderful experience, I felt the changes in the energy fields going through my body.  After several months, I realized that I want to purchase the DET system and provide my family with a higher quality of life.” J.R. – USA


“After only having time to experience a demo session of A+S & DET of ~15’ each, I made my flight back to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Upon getting off the plane, I felt a need to share something with you…something life-changing took place in me…. I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel it is very intense.  I feel disconnected and connected at the same time.  Thank you for your words of wisdom and support.  I feel it’s something other than the recognition of what healing is truly about.  Something in me on a deeply personal level-shifted.  I feel that somehow old fears and beliefs of being unworthy to have begun to dissipate and now have a pure understanding and acceptance of who I am, my worth and role in this journey.“ N.U.- Argentina


“After the initial session of ONDAMED Biofeedback I felt so good, so relieved which lasted about five days, then I began to let my anxiety and stress overcome me.  I then went back and completed a DET session of 30 minutes. My urgency increased and I began to feel lethargic and began to fear it was no longer working.  More stress.  When I called to report my condition, the staff mentioned that perhaps as my body was so sensitive to energy fields, I may have had reached the reactionary phase which normally comes between the fourth and seventh session and they asked me to begin daily sessions.  Just after the next DET and A+S mini-session, I felt that the stressful thoughts in my mind were being presented in an orderly fashion and then, suddenly just blew away like having an immediate sensation of no stress, no anxiety, feeling that it was gone and to better describe it, “as though like breathing out steam in a hot shower”.  My mind was clear and I had regained my self-confidence once again.  I then continued with daily sessions.” J.J.-USA                  


“After a very hard night dealing with a series of physical and emotional issues, I requested from CellWell an emergency session of ONDAMED Biofeedback A+S and a DET session that morning to find out what is going on with my health.  Immediately after just 40” of A+S, I felt great relief and an end to my desperation.  I became my regular person again and so quick, it was amazing.  I know several of my friends in urgent need and will refer them. “ C.R.-USA


“Upon losing a great deal of weight, I decided to change my diet and eat more fat, carbo to look better.  After two weeks of abusing my diet and instead of having time for lunch, I could not get out of my office and found some chocolate bars, which out of necessity and unconsciously, ate all of them by the end of my day.  

At 2 A. M. I awoke with deep pain in my gallbladder area and immediately knew the issue.  I got into my CellWell Dynamic Energy machine for 30 minutes, and the next morning went to CellWell to get in both the CellWell and the ONDAMED Biofeedback systems over the next 1 ½ hours.  One of their doctors insisted I go to my primary doctor to confirm with an ultrasound test.  Upon completing only his physical examination, he advised me that my gallbladder must be removed today and sent me to the ER at Mercy Hospital.

The Mercy Hospital doctors reiterated the same words and scheduled surgery for 7 P.M., just 4 hours later.  They then completed the Ultrasound, a T-Scan, and other tests over the next few hours.  The chief physician came in perplexed and told me that something unusual was happening.  He said, “we don’t understand it as we have not begun any treatments and only doing diagnostic workup and you are improving since you arrived.”  Only about 30 minutes before the surgery, he came in to tell me that it appears that with proper diet and exercise the gallbladder should be functioning normally again and no surgery was necessary.  But he could not understand why you were improving as they had not done anything to resolve the symptoms.  I decided not to say anything at the time but feel a compulsion to go back to explain that I had two sessions with the CellWell Experience. FRO-USA


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