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CellWell Experience with COVID-19

CellWell Energy Therapy supports the body’s immune system.  A non-invasive energy field is externally applied to all the body by an air coil that unblocks, aligns, and balances your cells with frequencies greater than that required for the virus to die. The body heals itself best, and your responsibility is to keep your immune system at optimum levels at all times.

-Two teenage clients were exposed to friends who were positive. Subsequently, they developed sore-throats, which went away after 3-4 days of twice-per-day sessions. 

-A grandmother (age 80), fighting breast cancer-focused on nutrition, exercise, and sleep began using the CellWell coil twice per day, suffered a lesser degree of the Coronavirus symptoms, and was back to normal within three weeks. She continues in the coil to help her body heal itself. 

-A couple, both in their 50’s, with advanced strong symptoms of the virus, fully recovered within two weeks after 2-3 sessions per day.

Dr. Carla Bastianelli, Hematologist & Homeopathy Specialist in Rome, Italy completed her study on the Coronavirus and published her findings:


“Like any other virus, (COVID-19) has a low vibration with a closed electromagnetic circuit structure, with a resonance frequency of approximately 5.5 Hz-14.5 Hz.  In the highest ranges, it is not active and, starting with the ranges of 25.5 Hz and above, the virus dies.”

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